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“Where Are They Now?” Heisman Trophy Edition

December 7th, 2009| by

If you’d like to read about the favorites for this year’s award, there’s plenty of places on the Internet to do it.

But we’re here to tell you some things you don’t know about the Heisman, such as:

• The player on the trophy is not John Heisman, but rather 1930s NYU star Ed Smith

• It was originally named the Downtown Athletic Club Trophy prior to Heisman’s death in 1936

• Which school has won the most Heismans? USC, Notre Dame and Ohio State are all tied with seven (Ohio State has six Heisman winners, but Archie Griffin won it twice)

• With the death of Doc Blanchard in April, Notre Dame’s John Lujack is the oldest living Heisman winner at 84

• The Downtown Athletic Club hosted the presentation from 1936-2001 but was so badly damaged during Sept. 11 it never reopened; the club filed for bankruptcy a year later and is now an apartment building

• The trophy is now presented at the Nokia Theatre Times Square

With their recent NFL failures, the most common question asked about Heisman winners is, “Where Are They Now?” So we tracked down every single winner and detailed their current whereabouts.

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