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Wisconsin Fan Creates ‘Bielema the Hutt’

September 18th, 2013| by

Perhaps angered by the wife of Wisconsin’s ex-head coach calling the Badgers’ controversial loss to Arizona State on Saturday “karma” and/or channeling the same emotions as the fans who built a Bret Bielema piñata, one UW fan summoned all of his Microsoft Paint (or the like) skills to create “Bielema the Hutt.”

While we have no hard feelings toward Bielema, we can’t help but laugh at him being reimagined as the “Jabba the Hutt” villain from Star Wars’ Return of the Jedi­particularly with the addition of a pig’s snout as well as his wife Jen as his bikini-wearing Princess Leia.

When compared side-by-side to the real-life Mrs. Bielema in a bikini and her husband shirtless, it’s pretty apt.

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