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Xavier’s Mack Coaching 3rd Grade Girls

November 19th, 2013| by

Xavier men’s basketball coach Chris Mack is 5-0 on the 2013-2014 season – 3-0 with the Musketeers and 2-0 with his daughter Lainee’s third-grade team at Blessed Sacrament School.

That’s right. A coach who’s reached two Sweet Sixteens in his first four years at Xavier is also perhaps the most overqualified elementary school girls basketball coach in the country.

“I think of when my dad coached me and the lessons learned—competition, sportsmanship—and I remember driving in the car, talking about the game, and I look back at that with so much fondness,” Mack told CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel. “I didn’t want to be that dad who shows up with the lawn chair and then leaves at halftime because I have [a recruit coming on] an official visit. I want to have that same experience with my kids, and I want them to have those memories like I have with my father.”

All of a sudden, that Mack family singalong to “Call Me Maybe” makes a lot more sense.





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