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YouTube Sensations: CFB’s Top 10 Coaching Rants

September 14th, 2011| by

Editor’s Note: Rankings based on a combination of comedic value, anger and infamy.


10. LSU’s Les Miles: “Have a Great Day” (2007)

We’re not sure if he was actually mad or not, but that was the bizarre thing about Miles’ behavior at this press conference that came in advance of the 2007 SEC Championship Game, an eventual 21-14 victory over Tennessee. LSU’s coach was shooting down rumors that he was a candidate to take over for Lloyd Carr at Michigan.

The best part about it? The rambling press conference lasted just over a minute, after which Miles was kind enough to wish everyone a great day.


9. Alabama’s Nick Saban: “Misinformation” (2011)

Without being prompted by a question, Saban opened an August 2011 press conference, which was supposed to inform the media about the start of Crimson Tide’s fall camp, by ranting about Internet rumors over injuries to Crimson Tide players.

“You all can go crazy out on misinformation and bad information. And have no professionalism to try to find out if it did or didn’t happen,” he said.

Yeah, Saban just wakes up mad.


8. Florida’s Urban Meyer: “You’re a Bad Guy” (2010)

Orlando Sentinel reporter Jeremy Fowler published a quote from Gators receiver Deonte Thompson, who said John Brantley was a “real quarterback” unlike Tim Tebow, which was unfairly portrayed as a criticism of the Heisman winner.

You know what comes next: Meyer lashed out at Fowler, who claimed all he was doing was quoting Thompson. The former Florida coach threatened to block the Sentinel from covering the team and went as far as to call Fowler a bad guy and say there would be a physical altercation if Thompson was his son.

This heated confrontation at Gators practice illustrated why Meyer needed some time off from coaching. And maybe, a little anger management.


7. Ole Miss’ Houston Nutt: “50 Years!” (2010)

The Rebels were coming of an embarrassing loss at Tennessee and on their way to a 4-8 season. Nutt thought it was a good time to point out that Ole Miss, which had won consecutive January 1st bowls the previous two seasons, had struggled before he got there.

In case anyone forgot, how many years had it been since the Rebels had turned that trick, coach?

“50! 50!”

Oh, OK.


6. Indiana’s Kevin Wilson: “61 on the Illini” (2011)

Wilson was a little sour during an appearance on FOX Sports Radio’s “Zakk & Jack Show” last month. The new Hoosiers coach didn’t take kindly to one of the hosts, former Illinois quarterback Jack Trudeau, taking a shot at Indiana before Wilson came on the radio.

Wilson responded in part to Trudeau: “I remember putting 61 on the Illini a few years back, too, when I was at Northwestern and they kinda stunk at the time, too.  Anyway, I got some things to do guys, waddya guys need?”

Shortly after, the uncomfortable interview was cut short by the hosts who criticized the coach for being rude. Radio hosts and IU resident assistants – who’s next on Wilson’s hit list?





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